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New answers and approaches to enhancing acts of learning are being uncovered through neuro science. This wealth of new information is giving us insights that can help develop the kinds of learning tools that individuals can bring to the ever-changing environment that the game of golf presents.

Neuro Learning for Golf TM is a brain-based approach for improving one’s golf game. NLG is influence by and harmonious with findings from contemporary scientific studies on meaningful learning and making progress.

NLG is an approach to playing and improving that does not attempt to fix poor outcomes. It is an approach that is supported by sound studies into the brain’s natural learning process. 

Neuro Learning for Golf does not see poor outcomes as failure, but as useful feedback for future use.  This is a very important insight. There is no failure in a Neuro Learning for golf environment.

Neuro Learning for Golf uses one focus of inquiry to generate another. With Neuro Learning, the golf swing as a whole, with a beginning and an ending, and nothing in the middle. (When learning, the brain is more efficient when using just in the ball park concepts rather than a long list of details and technical information.)

Neuro Learning for Golf uses a Play Golf to Learn Golf approach to improvement. The term PLAY could stand for Powerful Learning About Yourself, which is the first stage of improving anything including golf. When acts of play are not judged or criticized, both workable and unworkable outcomes become feedback that helps individuals reach their potential. Unworkable outcomes are then no longer seen as failures.

Because of respected research into acts of learning and improving, Neuro Learning for Golf has rethought the traditional use of drills, teaching aids, video replay and detailed descriptions of the golf swing.  All of which have been found to be at odds with research into the nature of brain based learning and less useful than they were once thought to be.

In the past, advice and suggestions for making progress have normally been based on attempts at diagnosing and fixing a poor outcome rather than on the kind of positive pro-active approach that Neuro Learning for Golf supports.  Studies have shown that it is a biological imperative to have some struggling when learning. Struggling is referred to as “desirable difficulties” at Harvard’s Connecting the Mind-Brain to Education Institute.

The Neuro Learning for Golf’s mission is to first improve an individual’s learning potential, which in turn enhances their performance potential.  NLG recognizes that a master of anything was first a master of learning; a reality supported by scientific studies (improve learning potential first and performance potential then improves). 

When approaches to playing and improving golf (or anything else) are not compatible with how the brain decodes, encodes, and remembers information, they are less meaningful than they could be, often causing frustration and a loss of confidence.

Neuro Learning for Golf takes into consideration that any information delivery system (i.e.: from a giver to receiver, or to one’s self) must be compatible with how the brain interacts with information. This is a must!  In the past, many traditional approaches to improving used by both givers and receivers of information were not using what cognitive science now knows is the most important component for making progress: accurate insights into how we go from not knowing to knowing.

The environment Neuro Learning for Golf creates is a learning-developing environment that moves beyond traditional teaching-fixing, to get-it-right approaches to perfection that are not brain compatible for meaningful improvement. Award winning educators and scientists no longer see teaching-fixing to get-it-right environments as the most meaningful approach to learning and making long-term progress.

 Neuro Learning for Golf brings to golf the same principles that are causing a huge paradigm shift in how information is being shared in schools, universities, businesses and other fields of coaching and teaching in the 21st century.  It is called “Brain Based Learning”, or “Teaching with the Brain in Mind” (the titles of two books by Eric Jensen). 

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