Michael’s Newest Book is now Available!

by Ryan on August 6, 2013

Modernizing Approaches to Learning

Is temporarily sold out

Check Back soon for updates on availability

Now Available on Amazon.com

Below is what Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading Performance Coaches had to say about the new book.

“I have been to many teaching conferences, I haven’t listened to numerous dvd and cd’s, I have bought enough golf books to open a library but almost all of these ‘instructions and instructors’ missed the KEY point. All the coaches were telling us WHAT to learn without any real understanding of HOW we learn. In his new book Michael Hebron addresses this fundamental weakness and gap in the instruction industry. All of our futures depend on our capability to learn, if we don’t learn we just repeat, we do more of the same things that bind us to the status quo. The joy of learning new information for yourself can only be matched and possibly exceeded by the joy of helping someone learn something new. If you are a coach or an educator of any kind you need to do yourself but more importantly you need to do your students a favour by reading Mike’s book. It is a testimony to a man who has devoted his life to his passion for learning and you will be MISSING a huge opportunity to grow as a coach , a student and indeed a person if you don’t decide to buy this book now.” ~Karl Morris

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